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Cast Iron Fondus Vegetables Oil 06

Casting and curing system’ s heat source contact prevent rust layer
Food contact cast iron oxidation reaction layer
Store energy type oxidation cast iron layer
Aviation over the guide sustained temperature cast iron layer
Healthy vegetable oil antirust layer
Prevent corrosion layer
Accept heat sustained temperature oxidation layer

Use high temperature heat melt technology  When the cast ironinner layer castingcompleted,Let the cast iron 
fully boilSuddencooling and then produce more and more uniform cast iron gasbecome cast oxygen layerMake
the food more delicious!

Cooking speed promote 40 percent

Tight material storage heat more quickly for 160 secondsa dish.

Healthy and no coated,american fda standard

Vacuum Environment casting,the process doesn’t contact any chemical substances.

Deep supplement iron promote 20% percent

Iron material characteristic,Cooking process added iron element,iron supplement is more direct.

Precision pure cast iron it’s the real thing

Food grade high purity cast ironmaterial strong durable 50 years of guarantee.

Be heateduniform nutrition is not lost

Super thick pot body to ensure be heated on average,retain the original taste of the food itself.

Save energy of 25 percent

The design of cast iron pot keep the energy retain,Through the energy storage layer, we can achieve more save energy.

1.No Fire Continued To Cook

After the pot not heating Can still keep the temperature continued to cook  food Sealed delicious food nutrition to make food more fragrant,more tasty.

2.Durable 60 years

Using sand mould casting,Handle with pan body overall forming Seamless connectionStrong and durable,
Normal use  the  products can be  usedfor more than 60 yearsUse life is far more  than the ordinary pot.

3.Frying food is more fragrant and crispy

When the stove to heat more in the cooking process,raw iron pot will through pot body storage and emission certain heatenergy Pass to the foodthe temperature maintained at 230 degrees reduce vitamin C and other nutritional loss of vegetables.

4.No chemical coating

The whole pot cover cast iron air hole,long time use can absorb grease A period of time maintenance can be upgraded to the permanent super non stick pan.

5.Thickness is more scientific

Body thickness about 4MM
scientificScience specialty design only in order to the better apply of cooking food.
6.Heat conduction is more uniform and more rapid

High purity to ensure the whole pot air hole uniform heat conduction,The degree of 360 no dead angle
heating,make delicious food easily in a short time.

Our products are exported to more than 30 countries, with an average annual sales of 5 million meters of fabrics


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