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Enamel Cast Iron Stewpot 05

Import satin enamel layer
Import food grade cast iron layer
Import food grade enamel layer
Aviation superconducting constant temperature cast iron layer
Energy storage type cast iron oxide layer
Prevent corrosion layer
Shower type condensate water bump design

Thick enamel pot lid, The food moisture and delicious tightly locked not lost Quleno The unique design of the pot, design unique cooking shower type can add water and ice on the lid to accelerate the circulation of delicious, more delicious food.

Fashion Appearance

Quleno enamel craft,thedesign of tough   calm, to create a uniquebright color, can on the living room,also can next to the kitchen.
Natural Cast Iron

With fast and uniform heat conduction and thermal insulation, apply to various stoves ingredients, can get saved will not lose its nutrients.

Unique Lid

The heavy cast iron pot, stop the possibility of overflow pot, will lock therise steam, reduce waterloss.

Real Stuff

Quleno Self circulation shower type, Extract food essence and lid condensation, and uniform circulation recycle the food.

Enamel Innerwall

Unique black tiny hole inner wall heat-resisting scratch. Effective absorb food oil, Natural form not stick effect.

Convenient And Easy To Clean

The iron enamel retains the strengths of iron, also avoid the shortcoming of rust and difficult to clean, more effective lock nutrition.

1.No fire continued to cook

After the pot not heating Can still keep the temperature continued to cook food,Sealed  delicious  food nutrition to make food more fragrant, more tasty.

2.Shower Type Condensate Water Bump
Shower type design can form odor and water vapor cycle forces, Taste in food, the design of bump have another advantage is that can prevent the high pressure cause can’t  open the lid phenomenon.

3.Healthy supplement iron cooking without acid reaction

Acidic physique is the performance of sub health, healthy people should be alkaline instead of acid, enamel cast iron pot when cooking and not with food happen acid reaction, More supplement iron.

4.Food grade cast iron high-end enamel 

Selection of high quality pig iron casting, dense material in the cooking process easier to release iron ions, the Cast iron stoma and oxygen interaction breathing make cooking more delicious, iron supplement is more direct.

5.Handle design

Adopt whole independent design accord with human body engineering streamline design perfect adjustment angle, two ear design accord human hand size, with the pot one, thereby reducing the burden of both  hands, the humanized design is beautiful and convenient, at the same time to create the most comfortable for your gentle touch.

6.Enamel technology

Enamel craft on cast iron have prevent rust, corrosion effect,make cast iron pot with more safety and health, easy to clean, strong and durable.


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