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Cast iron pot advantage

The whole body is made of cast iron material. According to the heat conduction and heat storage effect during cooking, the bottom of the pan, the pot body and the lid are cast with different iron slurry weight is precisely controlled in the production process, so the whole pot can produce excellent cooking. Not only cast iron pot have excellent quality and the product itself is durable, but also the appearance is very beautiful. In addition, with the wok cooking vegetables can reduce the loss of vitamin C in vegetables, therefore, from increasing the body's intake of vitamin C and health considerations, should also be preferred cast iron pot to cook vegetables.
Cast iron pot sealing is good, mainly reflected cook soup is not easy to loss of moisture, so ensure the soup taste more authentic. In fact, it's similar to the pressure cooker when cooking, so more people think that with a cast iron pot boil soup, cook porridge, cook meat effect will be better. And the cast iron pot is better than the pressure cooker, although the pressure cooker to pressure the soft material quickly rotten, but for the taste of ingredients and spices are not completely play out. However, cast iron pot does not need such a trouble, you can directly stew in the pot .
Another cast iron pot of good heat preservation that attracted a lot of consumers. Like the dishes is still very warm when it is on the table, this will make person appetite better. And that don’t need to always cooking long time when you’re cooking. You can use the feature of good heat preservation to do some energy-saving operations, such as cooking some time and then turn off the fire to braise like about the way to achieve better energy conservation .
cast iron pot cast iron pot cast iron pot cast iron pot

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